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Skydiving 83 year old

GivYo loves Dilys! This incredible woman in her eighties is probably the World's oldest sky diver.

Dilys Price (MBE), 83, from Cardiff has completed over 1100 jumps, after trying tandem skydiving she became hooked on the sport.

Testement to her passion for life is her charity Touch Trust of which she is a founder, which provide creative movement programmes for individuals with learning disabilities and other behavioural challenges.

“In my middle age I thought life was very difficult and hard,” said Dilys, who is in the Guinness World Record books as the oldest female skydiver . “I remember when I was 50 thinking ‘Is this life? Is this the beginning of the end?’.

“My knees were stiffer, I didn’t feel very happy. Then I thought ‘If my knees hurt, I must live a life through my head’. Oddly enough, as I thought that, my knees got better.”

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