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Image and video guidelines

In short... keep it fun, clean and copyright free.

When you upload any images or videos to promote your listing, keep them fun, clean and copyright free.  Any media that falls short of this may be edited or removed by GivYo without notice, look out for feedback in your dashboard.

  • FUN - the best photo's are those you've taken showing your GivYo in all it's glory and show people smiling and enjoying themselves.  For example this may be a recipient at your venue, or using your product.
  • CLEAN - media must in no way be offensive to anyone, the GivYo community respects everyone. It's a good tip to make sure your backgrounds are clean too, check for lamp-posts and the like appearing to protrude from a person's head, that is never going to be a good look!
  • COPYRIGHT FREE - this is very important, only upload media that is yours to use in a commercial way, do not contain branding or contact information outside of the GivYo community. You remain solely responsible for any media you publish on GivYo. By uploading you are granting GivYo copyright release to use the images or videos for advertising, marketing, commercial and other purposes in any media or platform, whether in relation to your listing or otherwise.

GivYo loves video | If a picture paints a thousand words, then video shows gazillions

GivYo is optimised for fabulous video playback. The best vids are short and sweet, try to keep them below 30 seconds. Audio featuring sounds of your GivYo is great for recipients, this could be background noise in your restaurant or the sound of a hot-air balloon gas burner. Remember, GivYo is for a local and global audience; please do not include voice-over commentaries.

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